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(*) Come on, my love, you can do it !

Go for it…

Try a little harder…

You are almost there…

A little more…

I know you did it before

You can do it again

I told you everything

You listened and listened… and took notes

Hurry up, please

Look I am also in a tight situation

Ban these animal circuses coming to Turkey, ban them all.

Let them call you a ‘repressing mentality’

I will stand by you till the end. Let those foreign animal exploiting merchants not come in to a country where it is already hell for the animals living in it….

You had brought me to Ankara so many times, hadn’t you? We had talked about it, hadn’t we? And you had listened to me wholeheartedly, hadn’t you?

Everyone knows that all these greedy marketeer municipalities of yours have been making lions, tigers and elephants stand up on their hands, go through circles of fire…so called, for the sake of promoting animal love among kids and all. You are also using teachers, schools and national education directors, who do not improve or develop themselves for the so-called sake of animal love.


Did you know that a little tiny country called Belgium, or that one country called Bolivia that you hate you much and many other countries have all banned circuses with animals?

They all did it. Why can’t you do it? Why shouldn’t we do it? Should I start a court case for that as well? Should I also cause a stir for that too? Should I also start awareness campaigns with short films and make people protest out on the streets for this as well? I don’t want to have to deal with you, but you are forcefully being irritating. You start to complain that HAYTAP sued you again, informed the media again. Look at these photos and see for yourself. Those animals are going through torture there. Believe it or not, they are really hurting. The only thing is that they cannot say this out loud themselves. I don’t need to say this myself either. The photos are clear and self evident. When the show is over and the curtains are pulled down, just go and see what happens backstage. You should try to understand their language so that they can explain to you how they are being electrocuted under their feet, how they are being starved, being imprisoned behind bars kilometres away from your own home and how they are thrown aside once they are too old.

Come on my boy, come on my love

Come on my baby

Come on my sweetheart

Come on my beautiful looking, my lion roaring, my bird singing love

My club of bureaucrats who have no knowledge of each other

My weird man who brings his own child to clap for himself

I had promised you last month

Look you did it before, you can do it again.

Just force your brain a little, you can achieve it if you can use it, I believe in you.

I know there will no longer be any absurdity in the form of circuses or dolphin parks exploiting animals in this country. You gave me a big promise and you wrote down on the paper in front of you. I convinced you, now it is your turn to convince me.

You need to convince the people around you, that’s all and it will be done.

I know we wanted a lot of things, but you cannot close your eyes and ignore this. These animals cannot be going through such atrocity so that your kids can love animals. They only pocket the commission they get from mayors and intermediary firms. Let them make money, let them cheat the municipality, I cant say anything about that, that is Allah’s decision. They become directors and mayors for that reason anyway.

I only have one wish, that they stay away from my animal friends. Please do not let elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys do a mockery, create a trade and use our animals so that someone can buy their mistress a BMW car.

Come on my sweet heart

Come on my darling

Come on my beautiful !

You can do it.

Ban these circuses

Don’t let these municipality punks make a living from the backs of those poor souls


I am talking to you

Is my voice being over heard there?


Ahmet Kemal Senpolat

President of Haytap

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  • (*) Come on, my love, you can do it !