(*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!

Just before dawn this morning, the annual hunt for baby seals began in Canada.

İmza Kampanyasına Katılım İçin Tıklayın.

Over the next few weeks, 275,000 harp seals will be brutally clubbed or shot for their fur. Many people believe that Canada ended this hunt in the 1980s, but it’s still happening -- right now. That’s why the sealers don’t want us here with our cameras rolling.

For four years, Humane Society International’s ProtectSeals team has stood its ground as Canada’s extraordinary harp seal nurseries are transformed each spring into bloody killing fields. The sealers have rammed our cars, smashed our boats, and brandished the very same clubs that they use to kill baby seals -- all in a vain attempt to intimidate us.

Then yesterday, Canada’s government took an unprecedented step: It refused to issue hunt observation permits to our team -- and to journalists -- in time for us to document the slaughter this morning. This means that sealers, if they have reached the seals by now, are killing baby seals without witnesses. Which is exactly what they want.

Watch our video to see what we’re up against. It’s hard to watch (and you can skip it if you prefer). But it shows why we’ll remain here, steadfast, until Canada ends this barbaric hunt for good. Exposing the hunt is the surest way I know to stop it forever.

··Your support is essential. We are closer than ever to putting a permanent end to this atrocity. Markets for seal products are closing -- in recent years, ten countries have either ended their trade in seal products or announced their intentions to do so. The European Union is considering a ban. Prices paid to Canadian seal hunters for seal skins are falling. And more than 3,500 businesses and half a million people have pledged to avoid Canadian seafood for as long as the commercial seal hunt continues, providing a strong economic incentive for the Canadian government to stop it.

As another year’s slaughter begins, watch our video now -- and then please make a donation to sustain our team on the ice and end this hunt once and for all.

The sealers don’t want us here, but with your support, we’ll continue the fight until the cruel hunt ends.


Rebecca Aldworth
Director of Animal Programs, Canada
Humane Society
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!
  • (*) İlk Yavru Fok Dün Gece Öldürüldü!