How Can You Support Haytap Projects in The New Year?

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1 - By buying the Haytap calendars for your friends;

The Haytap-2017 Wall Calendar consists of beautiful photos taken by İzzet Keribar

2 - By making hotel reservations through www.sosrooms.com;


3 - By buying our book on animal rights;

99 Questions on Animal Rights by Lawyer Şenpolat

4- By selling your second hand goods on Markamex for Haytap;

Let’s use your second hand goods to support Haytap!

5 - You can even order your chocolate through us;

Help stray animals by buying chocolates from Haytap!

6 - By making your celebratory cards and invitations with a Haytap theme;

Mutlu Gün Kartları

7 - By buying everything you need for your pets through www.haytapshop.com;


8 - By making regular donations;

Bank account details of Haytap for donations: Audited by the Governorship

9 - By letting us make a painting of your animal friends;

Let’s Paint Your Pet - Haytap

10 - By buying a high quality framed photograph;

Buy Amazing Photographs and Support Haytap!

11 - By supporting us as a corporation/organisation;

Corporate Supporters of Haytap

12 - By sending food to animal shelters (of stray animals);

Donating to Shelters

13 - By buying as many items for your animal friends as for yourself;

Haytap Merchandise

14 - By becoming a corporate sponsor so that our Haytap Children’s Theatre can travel to many elementary schools;

Haytap Children’s Theatre

  • How Can You Support Haytap Projects in The New Year?
  • How Can You Support Haytap Projects in The New Year?