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International Solidarity Against China! 2007

World wide there is going to be a show of solidarity in front of every Chinese consulate/embassy in every major city on 13th of February 2007.

Please be so kind and help advertise this fact. Maybe you would even consider joining us?

Our protest is non violent and confrontational.

What: Protest against the Chinese fur industry When: Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 Where: Worldwide Chinese Embassies/Consulates. * If you would like to hold a demo, to represent your city/country, together with us, please write to us. * If you are not able to make it to a demonstration, at least, please call or fax the Chinese Consulate on February 13th to urge them to stop killing dogs and cats for fur and to pass meaningful animal welfare laws. Please be polite and respectful in your communications with Consulate staff. THE ANIMALS HAVE ONLY US. WE CANNOT FAIL THEM.


The below organisations will be participating and will also appear on line on our web site:


    Location:                                       Leader:                       Organisation: 

   WASHINGTON DC                       ROSA                        *ANTI-FUR SOCIETY

    INDIANA                                        BRITTNEY               *ANTI-FUR SOCIETY

    NEW  YORK                                  CAMILLE                 *W.A.R

    SAN FRANCISCO                          MELISSA                *IDA

    CHICAGO                                       MELISSA                  *IDA

    LOS ANGELES                                BILL                        *IDA

    BRAZIL ,SAO POLO                        FABIO                    *HOLLOCAUSTO

    BRAZIL, RIO DE JANERO                FABIO                   *HOLLOCAUSTO

    BRAZIL,PORTO ALEGRE              SILVANA                *S.V.B

    PORTUGAL                                      MIGUEL                 *ANIMAL

    IRELAND ,AMBASSY                     LAURA                   *CAFT 

    IRELAND, ELSE                               JONH                     *ARA

    ISRAEL                                               JANE                    *IAFC

    SPAIN                                                 AIDA                    *AnimaNaturalis

    FRANCE                                             OLIVIER              *FOURRURE-TORTURE

    TURKEY,ISTANBUL                       AHMET                  *HAYTAP- KURKE HAYIR

    TURKEY,ANKARA                          BEHİYE                 *DOGCEV-HAYTAP

    BELGIUM                                            MARIANNE        *BITE BACK

    THAILAND                                         NING                   *TBA

    ESTONIA                                            MAAJA                *LOOMADENIMEL

    ENGLAND                                          BRENDON          *CAFT

   SERBIA                                               JELENA                 *CARE 2

   RUSSIA                                               SEMEN                 *AA RIGHTS

   CANADA,VANCOOVER                  AMY                      *PROTECTOURSEAL

   CANADA, KELOWNA                      SINNIKA              *TRACS

   VENEZUELA                                      BIANCA                *ANIMAL LIBERATION

    AUSTRIA                                           MONIKA              *VGT

    GREECE                                             DAPHNE               *CARE 2

    MEXICO CITY                                  LEONARA            *AnimaNaturalis

    HONG KONG                                   MEGEAN              *Activist citizen

    LATVIA                                            EUGENIA               *Dzivnieku Draugs

   HOLLAND                                         JEROEN                 *MENODI

   SWEDEN                                           SOFIA                    *ANIMAL RIGHTS SWEDEN

   GERMANY                                       INGO MARCO       *ANIMAL PROTECTION GRP

  CROATIA                                          ANITA                                 * AFC

  CHILE                                                DAVID                     *CDA

   AUSTRALIA                                     NOAH                                   *ALV

Turkish representative:





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