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How to Make a Donation to Haytap

Our official bank account numbers for regular donations are listed in the link below. We do not have any other bank account other than these.

Please use our bank account numbers when you want to make a contribution or fill in the form on the following link below to arrange for regular donations to be charged to your credit card;


Please have a look around on our website to see how your contributions are being utilised that we have received through;

your shopping on Haytapshop,

your hotel reservations on SOSRooms,


proceeds from the sale of Haytap calendars

Our short films, forest feeding activities, statistics obtained from corporate relations, educational meetings, tours of Anatolia, contributions to the care home, writing of legal petitions, lobbying efforts in Ankara, the printing and distribution of thousands of brochures and helping hundreds of injured animals have all been made possible thanks to your donations only. Don’t forget that no company or governmental institution has contributed to such projects. The more you support us, the more we can do.

You can follow our day-to-day activities through social media, while on our webpage you can find information on our long term activities, our success stories and our past projects.

HAYTAP -  Animal Rights Federation

  • How to Make a Donation to Haytap