My conscience is more to me
than what the world says.


I have been thinking about this notion for a very long time, longer than you can guess!

However I can not figure out the moral side of it. I can only understand the disgrace, impudence, unfairness of human kind only when I look from their point of view, and then I feel shame to see this harsh world.

What kind of a world do we live in ? And the victims, our friends, they do not even mention it. They can’t tell (explain) as they are speechless though they have feelings. There is a speechless army consisting of millions of animals over the way, but all with feelings and sensation.

What we have done up to now is truly usurpation !

There are no buts about it. It is neither theft, nor fraud or insult. Its confiscate !

It is truly to confiscate !

How come we feel that we have the right to set the babies apart from a poor dog or a cat without permission and sell or give them away to be owned by human kind ?  Try to take a 3 months old little baby from the mothers arms…

What could she tell you ?

Well, why do people eat veal meat and do not prefer cow meat ?Or why do they insist on eating lamb meat ?

Please pay attention that either lamb or veal is still immature. They are worldly innocence. However, when they grow old and become cows and sheep, their meat become tough and they are not preferred by the customer (!) anymore.

In brief, a newborn mammal is always preferred to an old mammal, just as how human being prefer young and tender. What a wicked and cheap system is this ?

Mammals, especially cows have a 9 months and 10 days pregnancy period exactly as human do. It  is not an easy job to carry a living thing in your tummy for a year. Later on someone comes up and takes the little veal apart from the mother, shortly wrests. However, that little veal still belongs to her mother during nursing period. Poor mother can’t even object her little baby being stolen from her. She can’t fight back.

She can’t even utter a peep.

Try taking the little lamb away from the sheep… How she will bleat! How she feels sorrow! She can’t do anything except for popping off bleaking around. That sheep you despise is able to find her baby in the crowded herd. However, human kind is able to set the baby apart from his mother without mercy.

How unfair! He is just a little lamb, only 3 months old!

I suppose elephants have a pregnancy period of two years. I watched a couple of days ago, they separated the mother elephant from the infant in order to force her make the move they wanted.  They set them apart violently by force only because the mother did not make the moves they wanted. How cruel ! How shameful ! Why all this ? Only for the elephant to stand up and jump into the hoop and the children to applaud. They tied poor mother on the legs and besides put the newborn infant far from her, where she couldn’t reach but she could see.

This is truly unfair  ! There are no buts about it.

Criminal for theft is softer than the criminal for wrest under the law of Turkish Penal Code, as compared to theft, wrest includes violence and force. Wrest includes subjection of the victim by force. Sadly, as the laws are mostly human kind based, only cat&dog lovers.


It is exactly the same thing as how you feel when someone comes up and snatches your bag violently and you shout at his back and cry for help and then swear behind him helplessly wishing for his execution.. There is no difference. The only difference is that our eyes are closed for incidents of this unusual world and that we do not want to open them.Theft is more honourable compared to this impudence.


As human kind, we have an enormous  body, gigantic sticks, chains and various ways of captivity to use against them. Those are the reasons why they fear us, not only the fear of knife but also the fear that we cause them by seizing their property by force.

And suddenly we seize ‘a life’ which is not meant to be ours.

What kind of business is it to produce and sell puppies under the name of finding puppies a home ? What law gives us the right to set the baby apart from the mother ?


I am sure of one thing that all mammals feel the same as human do. Just like a toothache, stomachache or earache (pain in the ear). Who can say that they do not have mother feelings ? Are they considered as mothers only when they are nursing ?

The only difference between us is as you know they can’t say, express.. They can’t tell. And stil some of us insist on lamb sauté

A dolphin should somersault in order to have the right to see her baby. For God’s sake! This is her right. How come you own her family as if they are your invoiced property only because she gave a birth under your responsibility ? How come you cram monkeys, bears into zoos tearing them apart from their homeland ? How come you ruin this innocence ? Is it their excuse to be born as ‘the others’ ?

No man, I do not agree to this system !

This system of the world is already accepted, however I strictly rise against it. What we try to tell might be understood in 500 hundred years from now, but the fact is that our behaviour to our mammal friends is totally unfair and disagreeable. We can’t change the fact of possession in our minds and accept that they have their rights as well. It’s likely that we prefer defencing their owners’ rights rather than their rights.
What if they threaten our lives violently and set us apart from our family as how we do to them ? See then how we put them in great distress. But, when it comes to us, don’t we repeat the same behaviour every day ?

Don’t we seize the poor ones and their property according to our rules by killing their babies right in front of them, making them cry, causing psychological crisis and giving them pain ?

Don’t we confiscate  the mercy in their unknown world ?

Attorney- At- Law
President of Animal Rights Federation HAYTAP in Turkey

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