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Haytap Visit To Captain June in Dalyan


During the Feast of Sacrifice HAYTAP in 2011, the  Animal Rights Federation of Turkey, HAYTAP ,  were having their 4th national representatives’ meeting of which one day would be spent in Dalyan.

The HAYTAP participants made it a day of true recognition of June’s contribution to preserving Turkish wildlife and she was handed a certificate as proof of their respect and gratitude.
The visit was even more special because of the presence of Nergis Yazgan, former president of the Turkish division of WWF, who sided with June in the mid 1980’s.

The day’s program included a visit to Kaptan June’s Hut. Once the gathering had arrived, the volunteers had their hands full in selling keepsakes and the Turkish version of Kaptan June and the Turtles.  June had to sign a lot of books, but she was having a good time amongst new friends, some of whom in important positions and willing to help out in communicating with hard-to-reach government officials.

During the get-together at June’s Hut, June held a speech in which she told the story of the beach and the foundation and thanked the HAYTAP guests for their warm support and the wonderful day they had spent together. The Foundation was presented with funny turtle costumes which may come in handy in next year’s awareness and education campaign. The day was certainly a worthy conclusion of the Foundation’s fantastic first year!

For a Turkish account of the event by June’s new HAYTAP friends, see: Kaptan June’a HAYTAP’tan Anlamli Ziyaret


  • Haytap Visit To Captain June in Dalyan