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HAYTAP Retired Animals Sanctuary

Did you know HAYTAP has built a sanctuary for retired animals in Bursa / Turkey?

HAYTAP established a sanctuary for animals who have worked their whole life for humans and have suffered in silence year after year. HAYTAP's main objective at opening this lovely place is to provide their all needs; such as feeding, being cared and loved.

People who work for animal rights usually start with helping cats and dogs and then realize also other animals are being abused. Farm and work animals are very often the ones that are last on this wake-up list. Our rescue initiation starts the exact here.

HAYTAP has finally being realized one of its dreams and established this farm for these forgotten animals. We worked for months to find suitable land, drew plans, signed lease agreements, found sponsorships, and prepared all necessary material details as you see on the pictures on the page. We have worked for months to find suitable land, drew plans, signed lease agreements, found sponsors, and prepared all necessary details.

We write this letter to greet you with the Project that we have dreamed of for a long time. There are so many abused animals, cows, donkeys, lambs, horses, sheep... Our dream is to establish a nursing place for them.

We invite the companies and individuals who want to support our projects that we are establishing in Bursa. We call our projects the Don Quixote act. We know that the farm that we built a peaceful life for their rest of life for those non-seen animals.

As always, HAYTAP tries to find solutions and take concrete steps to set examples. With the 'Working and Retired Animals Sanctuary' Project, HAYTAP will try to rescue as many animals as we may.

To do that, we have the background of the land around 5.000 square meters with a modern stainless stable, loft, solar-powered electricity, and water system. When you come to our farm, you'll have seen a joyful sculpture. And there are lots of rescued cows, dumped donkeys with broken lambs, hens and roosters, horses and elder sheep, as residents of the farm.

So, who are our sponsorships?

Our sponsorships are mainly as 'ETİ' 'Filli Boya', 'Tatilbudur.com', 'Heatinn', 'Bursa Metropolitan Municipality!, 'Istanbul Pakkan Schools', 'Google Turkey', 'Bluechip Creative Events', Allianz Turkey , and personally  'Pınar Du Pre' and  'Nilufer Atalay'.

ETİ European Food Industries S.A. supported the establishment of our stable.

The Filli Boya supplied the coloring.

Tatilbudur.com supported the hedging around the lands.

The Heatinn supplied the heaters radiator for animals not to be cold.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will supply us with forestation

Havhav.com and The Pakkan Schools will sponsor us with regular donations.

Google Turkey provided financial support.

Migros Turkey supported the farm in terms of food.

Bluechip Creative Events donated the furniture, umbrella, dishing machines, and provided financial support.

Pınar Du Pre and Nilüfer Atalay have been donating to the sancturary regularly 

We have hung all HAYTAP supporters who donate more than 5 thousand Turkish Lira (518..82 euro) on the entrance gate of our farm. We will proudly show them to the visitors.

To save and protect the HAYTAP Working and Retired Animals Sanctuary Project, we need your support.

How can you support us :

For donation: https://fonzip.com/haytap/bagis

You can also support us by;

  • Shopping on haytapshop.com – we have used all the revenue for animals
  • Shopping Haytap Calendars – consist of the annual photography contest


If you want to see some short movies from our sanctuary please click here :  HAYTAP Retired Animals Sanctuary