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Haytap 2023 Annual Activity Report

The table, where you can see the activity report of the Haytap Animal Rights Federation in 2023, for what the incoming donations were spent, item by item, and even videos and photographs of many of them, is in the link below.


As you can see from the table, the biggest item of expenditure was the earthquake period that occurred on February 6, 2023, where 150 thousand people died and affected a very wide geography on the Kahramanmaraş - Hatay line.


Simultaneously, spaying were carried out in many cities, food support was provided, and many injured animals were treated. Whether they are Haytap members or not, many volunteers and associations have been supported, hundreds of animals have been rescued, after the Retired Animal Sanctuary we opened in Bursa in 2019, second and third Retired Animal Sanctuary were opened in Osmaniye and Dalaman, many injured farm animals that no one cared about were taken out of the rubble, treated and prevented from being slaughtered and they were taken to the sanctuary where they will not be sold.


Again,  if you pay attention, during this period as in previous years, scholarships, for 12 months uninterruptedly, continue to be given to eight university students (mostly veterinary candidates) who are in need.

As you can see in detail in the table, our total expenditure was 12 million TL (=482 thousand Euros). As of today, we do not owe any debt to anyone, any institution, company, or clinic.


Apart from these activities we do for our animal friends, the taxes we pay to the government (VAT, SCT, SSI, withholding tax, etc.) for our activities are close to 3 million TL (= 94 thousand Euros). In other words, as you can see, doing good is very expensive in Turkey. :)))


All our accounts, invoices and expenses are constantly audited every year, not only by the governorship but also by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ankara.


We respectfully present it to the public. 31/12/2023






For our 2023 activity report, please click and review the table below: