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Animal Rights - Against Animal Welfare

A business owner working as a kebab shop is not an animal rights advocate just because he gives leftovers to stray dogs; rather, he is sensitive to particular species’ comfortable living. He doesn't question animal rights. In his opinion, It is normal that cows are killed but at the same time, the cat he sees on the street are fed.

This is not animal rights advocacy, but sympathy for a certain type of animal. Similarly, Those who buy a company's leather dog suit design are also not advocates. This person still calls himself an animal lover but he is not. He only loves his pet, not the cow used for the production of the leather suit that he buys for his pet.

Animals, which are described as pet animals, are loved and fed. Prey animals are killed. Farm animals are eaten. Fur and leather animals are worn. Wild animals are captured.

Most people who have this general understanding and don't want to transcend it still find themselves animal lovers. That is a paradox. In fact, despite all this contradiction, a hunter's defense of his prey but loving his dog madly, or his defense of pet shops that the pet sale is justified, or someone wearing fur crying at the sight of a kitten online… These are all nothing more than his sympathy for a particular genre.

For hundreds of years, It was believed that animals were created for humans; this belief gave humans the right to eat, imprison, or use the animal as a means of entertainment. We in Turkey have been trying to question these beliefs and rights for the last fifteen years, looking for some real rights in this struggle, and saying that "different living things should be given equal importance". Moreover, we do not mean only domesticated animals such as cats and dogs, but also monkeys used in experiments, cows in animal farms, dolphins in dolphin parks, lions in circuses, tigers, bears in zoos, and others.

Bullying of people against animals is being tried to be broken with actions in a consensus around the world. Because protecting animal rights is more about accepting that they are independent beings than loving them. In Turkey, unfortunately, animal rights cannot go beyond the feeling of compassion and reach the level of right. That's why "animal rights advocates", unlike animal lovers, are people who know that animals have no moral status, but who know they have a moral responsibility to them.

Animal Rights Book in 111 Questions –

Attorney at Law

 Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat

President of Haytap