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( *) Give Me Money to Protect Animals

--- Give me money, I will protect the animals! I already take care of the ones in front of my house. You are a charity, you should give me money.

--- What? And where shall I find this money for you?

--- You shouldn’t have started with your charity then…you go around saying you are a charity, an organisation, so you have the obligation to protect my rights too.

--- Ok, we will sort this out. Lets find you some money but the way you choose to solve this problem is not the correct way, you should know that. You eat fish but you don’t know how to catch the fish.

--- Don’t get involved. I am vegan anyhow. I won’t catch fish. I do this for many years, I will not be the one to ask you how to do what I know so well. I take care of 70 cats and dogs on my street. Find me a free vet and at least give me some pet food.

Give us some time. There are many people out there who are in the same position. Lets plan this together, come up with a project on how we need to move together. If not tomorrow, at least in the future we might guarantee a way to solve this resource problem.

--- No way, no way. If Ayse is involved, then I am not. You already know how Fatma is. If I hear that she gets some pet food, I will cause a commotion.

--- How will that work out?

--- I forgot to mention. I not only look after animals, but I am also an internet monster. Don’t look at how timid and quiet I seem, you will be surprised to see the real me. First me. First my area. I don’t need a plan. I want stuff. You can go to hell with your plan. I can’t wait for you. The local police are at my door, the municipality as well. I can’t be a part of your games as well.

At least come and lets act together.

—Don’t steal my idea. The idea of getting together is mine. Be respectful of the copyright. Haven’t you heard of the THS? I had spoken of this idea way before anyone else, but if in my area Hatce is involved, then I won’t have anything to do with it. But if Hasan from Sivas is involved, then I am ok. I am the only chief master of my tribe, we can then be a union.

I say this, you say no, I say something else, you still say no. Let me at least do this on my own, dont be a hurdle in front of me.

—You were the one who kept me on the outside, you threw me out of the group. I will destroy you. I will complain about you to the municipality, to other organisations and charities, the prime minister’s office, your boss, to the Japanese embassy, to your husband… I do this job for over 40 years, you came after me and now you exclude me. You can’t take me away from the only group where I feel happy. Do you have any idea how many deputy deputy mayors I know and am in touch with?

Dont do this. You do something and we do something, but at the end let the animals be the winner.

—This can’t be, no way! You already organised a panel but did not invite me as a speaker. You were in the news but I was not in the photo. But I was the one who collected all those signatures on the internet, appeared in so many editions of the Pako page dedicated to animals; through many struggles and hardships. But that hussy is still with you. If you work with him, you are surely a self seeker, you either put money into your own pockets or you have animals put to sleep.

Sleep? We only sleep at night.

--- Don’t try to change my words…I saw you with those foreigners in the hotel lobby drinking tea. I am sure they gave you a commission. I am happy I did not join your charity. Tell us how you smuggle animals out of the country and how you sell them off to animal testing laboratories? Or else I will no longer go after the municipalities or the local police who poison the animals and go after you. I will crash your world.

Ok, you are right. But I still want to offer you the chance to make a donation.

--- Are you sick or something? You expect me to give you money in these tough times? And give money to the charity where you did not put me in the board of?

Yes, you will donate and support us. Once you do, there will also be a positive outcome for you. Your animals will win too. Please hang in there for 3-5 years till the system is built properly.

—I can’t make a donation. I take care of the ones on the street I already owe millions to the vets, don’t you know? I can’t be bothered with your hobby, your ego, your short films, your tv or your billboard.

--- At least tell the people around you so that they can help out. You were the one whod said we should become a union, so let them help us build the infrastructure for that.

—You are stupid, right? If I find someone that rich, do you think I will let you know about them. Of course I’d keep them to myself. I would not even cc you in my emails. I wouldn’t give you the chance; so that you’d be able to jump on them and grab their money. They are mine, mine only.

Ok, ok, dont get upset. Let go of this frigidness, dont see everyone as your enemy. Try to love humans too. Let me just do my own thing.  Maybe one day we will have the right name, a charity that is supported by celebrities, maybe a home, maybe even a car that will help us help animals.

—Are you seriously mad or what? Go make fun of someone else. I would have done all that in 40 years. You don’t know how things work. Things are different over here. It is not like it is over there. You should find me some pet food.

You never know, it might happen. With the right plan and project together with the right people, we might have a home, a car, even a shop. The money we make from those can be equally divided to those who need it you might get something too.

---Nooooo....! This cannot happen when I am not there. What you would do is feed animals only with brochures you printed out with all the money. Those animals are hungry. Those doggies want foodies, not brochures. While I am busy preparing food, you are out there not even touching the ink that is drying on your brochures. You are out there in Reina night club having meetings.

--- Lady Maksude, dont do this. You cant claim your rights dressed so shabbily. You will not reach blissfulness. You cannot have anyone listen to you. Let everyone do what they are good at.

—As if you will appear next to the Prime Minister and you are trying to show me how to get things done?

Thats not it. It is not my place to do so, not when you are there readily available.

——I get it, you want to chain up these animals with metal chains.

——No wayWhat chain? What metal?

—You are right, I made that up. Never mind me, sometimes I am not always aware of what I am saying when I am feeling jacked up on the topic. But you should know that you did not kick me from your charity. I LEFT ON MY OWN!

----Ooooff..off ! Ok, let that be it. You are the one who left. Now dont be a shadow over us.

—You called me a bad woman. I can sue you, you know. I can tell the police and they can arrest you for your testimony for selling badges. Let you shake from fear, let you be afraid. I will also send the mails you sent me to all those who hate you. I don’t like those people, but I will join them just so that we can be against you together.

Sure, you should do that, it would at least be a part of the process. You will at least be organising together, even if it is against me. You will learn to work in a team. I am actually not very sure what would happen if you sit next to one and other around a tablestrangle each other probably?

—What organisation? Are you a terrorist? You want to take this country back to the era before September 12th. You are one of the Ergenekoncu…

Lady Maksude,  you are killing me. Dont waste my time at least. Look, you say you dont like me, yet you send me dozens of emails every week, call me 20 times a week. You cannot do it with me but also not without me

—I don’t like unions, organisations. Those always pocket away money. I also had an organisation. But I don’t steal any money. If I was someone like that, I would make myself head of the commission and think I am the man. I’d write notes on little notes, put them at the back of seats in a bus and run away. I stay clear of all organisations, equal distance between us. I don’t like arguments.

You dont like to argue? :)))

—Sure I don’t. What is important for are the doggies. I went to the forest in the weekend and distributed mushy food to the animals. And where were you? You were not there. You were drinking your beer in Taksim.

Good that you did that. How wonderful! But I saw that you were all up against each other the same evening. You could not even be organised in the distribution of food to animals.  It is not ecosystem that stands out again, but your ego-system! :)))

—But that place is mine, why did Ayse and her friends come there anyway? And I distributed more food than they did. She only went to the shelter area. She only loved the dogs and took some photos. I was not in any of those photos, does that make you assume that I was not there then? We even sold ice cream in that heat so that we could donate some pet food to the municipality. I carried the sunshades, the fridges on my back in that hot weather. You are not even aware of all of this.

You and I will apparently not get along well. Good that you did what you did. But let us do what all other organisations all around the world are doing Let us have a home, a car, a shop, a hotel, original designs. Just like WWF , Greenpeace , UNICEF are generating an income. I am only asking you to not overshadow our intentions.

——You are not feeding any animals my friend! Your mind is on trading in commerce. You will either smuggle animals or sell goods. These have nothing to do with animal protection. I am sure you had your pets at home spayed/castrated and have thereby ended their sexual life. You will export them in big trucks to other countries, you will bill all your revenue from the shop as well. You will then go and dance with foreign ladies in nice hotels.

--- What are you talking about? Where are you coming up with these ideas?

—I know all about the likes of you. You are after something for your own good, no one does this much if there is no benefit for that person. I don’t have any evidence but I will soon find something.

--- The charity that will be organised has money for a phone, but you are not helping out by making use of it. There are official letters that need to be sent, but you dont even provide us with ink. The car has enough money for fuel, it needs to go into some shelters and rescue some animals there or transport injured animals, but you are still sneering at us. The shelters need food, but you say you dont care since you don’t see the need with your own eyes. We start so many law suits but you don’t even pay the administrative fees, you dont reach into your purse to cover the costs of expert reports, but you still demand to see result. You dont donate either, so how do you think this will work then?

—That is not for me to know. I am not the smartest. Pay for it from your own pocket. Gather the money from animal lovers. I don’t get all this pet shop you are talking about. That is my capacity, all my capability. I am just a thing, an empty bottle or bell. But I am one good bell though. I make enough noise so long there are so many stupid conspiracy theorists around me. I will fool myself into thinking that I will bring all organisations together and be bigger than you.

--- If we make money, we will go to schools and educate kids. We will reach out to all corners of the country with our car. We will not beg anyone for anything. We will create a website like an encyclopaedia. Everyone will benefit from the knowledge of what we do and know. We will have booklets printed and have them distributed for free all around the country.  We will sell original items of our own and use the proceeds for the animals. Despite the current situation where 2 people cannot even come together for this cause, perhaps one day we can even bring hundreds of people together from all over Turkey. We might grow stronger each and every year. When we are strong, our voice will be heard more loudly. Once we are a institution, who knows, we might even reach the office of the Prime Minister and talk about our concerns in detail, Lady MaksudeWe might even change the law.

——You are living in a dream world. You are simply dreaming. You are living on a star, not on this planet’s surface. You will not be able to achieve 1 procent of what you are talking about. I am sure there is some sort of benefit for your own good in all of this. You are most likely making a good deal of money out of this. Because I’d done exactly the same!

——Respect to you Maksude teyze …….Just stay in that little corner of yours. We will try it all anyhow

Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat

President of Haytap


  • ( *) Give Me Money to Protect Animals
  • ( *) Give Me Money to Protect Animals