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Do Not Take My Loneliness

We have been observing that the most studies done so far in order to enhance the animal rights movements and to make them go up to a higher class in Turkey, bring about solutions that are individual, isolated and even peculiar to themselves, only.

Specifically; trying to maintain the shelters by a kind of wealthy people who may contribute and try to conceal the identities of those donators so that they would not be contacted by others and even the rescue activities carried out in those places called shelters which in fact have so much common with Nazi camps where healthy animals are kept, as well, are the biggest contradictions.

The breeding and mating activities via websites, animals entering Turkey through illicit ways, sterilization operations limited to some regions, only and inability to get in touch with the relevant state authorities are major examples for how our efforts have remained in vain.

Above all, the lack of collaboration and missing spirit of teamwork lead the persons working for the welfare of animals to be received as isolated from the society or as persons who have shut all their doors to the outside world and consequently remaining detached and alone. 

The biggest challenge is possibly to force those volunteers who have not taken part in such collaboration before, to contribute to group work- an endeavor quite unknown to them, actually.  In other words, to improve in the realm of animal rights movement, it is vital to get rid of self-egos, and to be aware of the fact that without collaborating with those working in the same area even though they may be total strangers and even such persons may offer different solutions, vanishing of activities for the welfare of animals; pain and several tragedies will be inevitable.

Those people working on their own and keeping away from collaboration and even trying to prevent those who are pro-teamwork from their activities not only threaten the well-being of animals but also try to defend their inner worlds from the outside challenges which they deem insecure. That is to say the other persons detached like them set their inner worlds at ease.

Since a probable teamwork or working together for a sacred case would contradict with the principles they have been sticked to for years; such detached persons do not want other isolated volunteers to participate in such teamworks. They in general refuse the give up the role of a detached person which has been assigned by others.

Their fundamental excuse would be the pains suffered due to the persons who have once abused the affection shown. However they happen to get lost within details instead of seeing the general picture- above all the animals. Those people consider themselves successful as long as the animals in their own shelters or towns are satisfied. They are reluctant to take a part in nation-wide activities. Since collaboration would give an end to isolation of themselves and those of their few friends, as well they are resistant to the change of status quo.

This is just like North Korea trying to make its citizens believe that the country’s being isolated from the outside world is crucial. Despite the outside world, they do not miss any chances to attack others and ignore other volunteers who are willing to collaborate and try to find out their vulnerabilities and ultimately, they happen to believe in those lies themselves. I have always thought that such persons evaluate corporate and organized activities as perils which in the long run will demolish their inner selves.

Any reasonable person should realize the fact that people who are not good at teamwork are usually the ones not believing in their capacities and thus glorifying themselves.

In summary; those working alone for the welfare and rights of animals do not accept the fact that they give more damage to animals than those of municipalities thanks to their narcissism and not being able to overcome their self-egos. They can cheat themselves by saying they have not met the right people so far but is it possible not to have met anyone right or reasonable for decades? Such a defense is a lie itself.

However, it is impossible to work alone today when the animal rights violations have increased intensely and individual and isolated activities in the presence of state’s media, signatory powers, bureaucrats and authorities without any mercy and acting against moral values will not offer any reliable solutions. Instead of acting as guerilla forces against the state, it will be wiser to get in touch with the state as a team or a group even as an institution respected by anyone which at the same time will offer more serious, sophisticated , scientific and rational solution. That can lead the state to give up its traditional methods, as well

What is essential is to get off the dress of “being detached” as soon as possible and to have the courage to look at world from a broader spectrum.

Then we can talk about   hope   for animals.

Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat

Attorney at Law

President of Animal Rights Federation

Member of Istanbul Bar Animal Protection Comitee




  • Do Not Take My Loneliness
  • Do Not Take My Loneliness