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Election Contract For Turkish Candidate Mayors 2019 - English Translation

1. In order to protect both human health and animal health, I will do my best to prevent the entry of all illegal domestic and exotic animals from abroad to our country and that I will not permit the exploitation and sale of animals through pet shops.

2. I will supervise and promote the humane treatment of animals on farms

3. I will support the goal that all animals live in appropriate natural conditions without discriminating between farm, domestic and wild animals,

4. I will campaign to ensure that municipalities and other authorities behave humanely, conscientiously and responsibly in addition to their legal obligations in order to prevent the inhumane treatment of animals such as poisoning, beating and starvation in animal concentration camps.

5. I will support the organization of municipal sanctuaries as a natural habitat where animals can live worthwhile lives in freedom and natural conditions and I will support the management of such sanctuaries with volunteers.

6. I will also support natural sanctuaries for all domestic and wild animals suffering from old age, illness and mistreatment such as horses and donkeys that are exploited by human beings  throughout their working lives.

7. I would like to see the prohibition of horses and camels being used as draught animals; I will not tolerate the exploitation of animals by circuses and I will do my best to ensure my town is  animal-friendly.

8. I will campaign for the closure of dolphinariums which have no scientific value or purpose.

9. I will support the employment of qualified veterinarians and veterinary technicians not only in metropolitan but also in rural areas and will campaign for the development and  improvement of the 24/7 emergency animal ambulance service for abandoned and injured animals.

10.  I promise with all my freewill and with my understanding of social responsibility to support solutions, both with  Haytap representatives and on my own, by directly lobbying all mayors from my party, and in particular those who have negatively affected animals’ welfare and rights since being elected.



Candidate Mayor of .....


Signed on the date of 

( before the election ) 


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